Our Story

Since 1976, 4 Seasons Coffee Co has pursued the perfect cup of coffee for retail and wholesale customers. With a shared passion for fine coffee, owners Tom and Leslie Hutchinson moved to Spokane from San Francisco to establish Eastern Washington’s first specialty coffee roastery and coffee house in downtown Spokane.
Today, 4 Seasons Coffee remains committed to selecting and hand-roasting only the finest of the world's Arabica coffees. Small-batch roasting creates exceptional coffee by coaxing out the body, acidity and flavor of each unique coffee bean—something large-scale operations simply can't offer.
Tom and Leslie continue to take pride in creating a great cup of coffee for each and every individual, retail and wholesale customer. They were Spokane’s first specialty coffee roasters. Today, they remain the finest.


4 Seasons Coffee Roasters, Spokane's first and finest specialty coffee roasters since 1976! Roasting dark roast to white coffee. Selling fresh and organic beans straight to you. Spokane's best coffee shop and best coffee in Eastern WA. Fresh coffee near you.
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