Meet Corey, our coffee bag labeler, sealer, excellent communicator, prepping wholesale orders (more than 30 lbs of coffee in one order), and the guy who reaches for things you cannot because he is a wonderfully tall co-worker!

He does a lot of bagging coffee. If you think I am exaggerating when I say more than 30 lbs of coffee in one order, you don't even know! Here at 4 Seasons Coffee Roasters we have wholesale accounts who order a lot of coffee every week, and we need a guy like Corey to take up this tedious and sometimes heavy job.

Corey is essential to our 4SC family because of his hard work and determination. I mean showing up an hour early determination. You can always find yourself laughing at something Corey said!

From the words of Corey, "I love to work at 4 Seasons Coffee because of the pride we take in putting out such a quality product and of course working with friends!"

Don't forget, if you can't reach it, Corey probably help you out.

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