Meet Ben, another swiss army knife. Ben does a lot of bagging and sealing 12oz bags. The bags of coffee you buy at Yoke's, Rosauser's, Super One Foods, or Harvest Foods, he labeled, bagged, and sealed all of those. Watching him do his thing with the 12oz bags is breathtaking because of his speed, efficiency, and non-stop work! 

Ben also delivers coffee to stands and stores, or his old stomping grounds, Atticus Coffee Shop. He has been a barista forever. Not exaggerating! If you need a technical and sound answer on a coffee or anything barista, he is the person to go to. He is witty, smart, kind, and knowledgeable. 

If he isn't delivering or bagging coffee, Ben is also pulling coffee account orders or on the occasion, roasting. Like I said above, another swiss army knife in the 4SC family! 


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